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Navigating Through The Capitalization Process

An important element of our business organization practice at the Cleveland offices of Joseph D. Carney & Associates, LLC, is the comprehensive legal advice and litigation services we provide to corporate clients, individual investors, advisors and broker-dealers. We counsel clients in all aspects of corporate and entrepreneurial financing, including capitalization for business startups and investment from individuals, family members, "angel investors," private equity, venture capital groups and others.

Sound Legal Advice For Corporate Clients And Private Investors

Our capital formation attorneys assist clients in Ohio and across the United States to access private and institutional equity and debt capital, and provide ongoing guidance on a broad range of issues encountered during the capitalization process:

  • Public and private issuance of securities and their reporting obligations
  • Securities transactions, public and private placement of equity and debt, state and federal regulatory compliance
  • Establishment of investment and hedge funds and other investment models
  • Drafting, structuring, review and implementation of transactional agreements, including stock and asset purchase agreements, shareholder agreements, and placement and underwriting agreements
  • Dispute resolution, mediation and litigation services
  • Investment management and administration agreements
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Venture capital
  • Initial public offerings (IPO)
  • Initial stockholder/investor organization
  • Capital and growth strategies
  • Capital, strategic and business plan development
  • Friend and family offerings
  • Early stage and seed capital

Senior partner and capital formation attorney Joseph Carney has advised corporate and private clients for 39 years on proper capitalization methods that are timely, legally sound and proactive. Properly completed, these plans aid in the identification and avoidance of potential disputes, including those related to regulatory compliance.

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At Joseph D. Carney & Associates, LLC, we are not only capital formation attorneys, but we also act like business partners, guiding and protecting our clients with meticulous research, effective planning and a worldwide network of capital relationships. Enjoy the benefit of three decades of experience serving corporate clients, investors and brokers in Ohio and across the country. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.

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