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Joseph D. Carney & Associates, LLC brings our clients over 70 years of extensive experience as real estate attorneys, including extensive experience as principle developers of substantial real estate projects in Ohio and throughout the United States. As real estate counsel, we have assisted both business and private clients through the complicated process of acquiring, developing, and disposing of commercial and residential property in Ohio and across the country.

  • Acquisition of undeveloped land and existing development
  • Zoning, easements, and environmental concerns
  • Relationships with local officials and agencies
  • Financing, mortgages, and tax issues
  • Landlord/tenant relationships
  • Condominium conversion and rehabilitation
  • Syndication
  • Contracts with architects, designers, and builders
  • Franchising
  • Leasing, sale, and purchase agreements
  • Title insurance, title searching, and quiet title actions
  • Dispute resolution

Residential - Commercial - Developement Options

The key to our success is meticulous and effective planning in order to develop sound strategies that identify and avoid potential pitfalls before they develop into protracted litigation. The process of buying and selling property is fraught with risk mistakes during this process could result in costly delays or the loss of development options. A real estate lawyer from the Cleveland offices of Joseph D. Carney & Associates, LLC works closely with you to ensure that you understand your right, options, and the consequence of your decisions at each step along the way.

Complimentary Initial Consultation

Your main focus should always be running your business, not dealing with time-consuming legal issues outside your expertise. Please review our qualifications, consider our experience and contact an Ohio business law attorney from Joseph D. Carney & Associates, LLC. today for a complimentary consultation regarding the progressive corporate counsel we offer.

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